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  3. Shanghai Centralized Quarantine Hotel Master List Updated:June 28, 2020 - The information provided may change at anytime and is only for reference - Centralized quarantine is required for all people arriving from overseas - Please see below for home quarantine application proces
  4. g to China (regardless of nationality) are required to undergo centralized quarantine. The duration of this centralized quarantine policy may vary between different provinces, but in general, 14-day centralized isolation is mandatory. Meanwhile, for.

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[COVID Update] Quarantine in Shanghai Extended to 21 days with a 7-Day Homestay. By SmSh. May 15, 2021 | 11:00 Sat . Last night, the office of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau for Epidemic Prevention and Control released new information for people entering China. Via their WeChat account, the current 2 week quarantine policy for anyone entering China is being extended by an additional 1 week. Please note that it is not possible to choose a specific quarantine hotel, and the respective Chinese authorities publish neither hotel lists nor names due to various reasons, e.g., ongoing changes of facilities. After arriving at the airport in China, the hotel will be assigned randomly. For those arriving at Shanghai Pudong Airport and having a fixed residence in Shanghai, the hotel is. Can I Choose the Hotel for Quarantine? The quarantined hotels are assigned by the government. In general, Those who haven't a residence in Shanghai need 21-day centralized quarantine. 3+11 for those who enter from Shanghai but final destination is in Jiangsu, Zhengjiang, or Anhui: (3 days centralized in Shanghai and then closed-loop transfer to your final destination for 11-day. Videotagebuch: stern-Korrespondent Philipp Mattheis ist zurück in China. Doch bevor er sich frei in dem Land bewegen darf, muss er in eine 14-tägige Hotelzimmer-Quarantäne Arrival NAT & Quarantine. As of July 27, Shanghai provides the following Groupings for quarantine: GROUP 1: Inbound travelers can complete 7 of their 14 days of quarantine at home. Traveler must request 7+7 quarantine at the airport. The first 7 days must still be done at designated observation hotel site and the remaining 7 days at home, as long as the individual's home/apartment has.

  1. 22. September 2020. Nach der Ankunft in Qingdao geht es für die Einreisenden sofort in das Quarantäne-Hotel. In China gilt das Coronavirus als so gut wie besiegt. Die Angst vor Neuinfektionen.
  2. Blue Sky Hotel Shanghai - Quarantine form Check-in. We were ushered into the hotel via a side entrance, far away from the regular hotel guests in the main lobby. After taking payment for the stay, the hotel also took note of any meal preferences or allergies I had, before handing me back my passport and the keys to the room. Blue Sky Hotel Shanghai - Quarantine check-in. Blue Sky Hotel.
  3. We pull up outside a hotel in Shanghai's Jing'an District, the only thing that looks a bit out of place being two men standing outside in full protective gear. You probably still wouldn't guess that since January, this average-looking hotel has been taken over by the government and transformed into a medical observation quarantine facility for close contacts of COVID-19 patients. This.
  4. Shanghai hat bisher mehrere Quarantäne-Hotels ernannt, um vorrübergehend Passagiere aufzunehmen, die aus dem Ausland an dem Flughafen ankommen. Diese Einreisenden werden zuerst in zentralisierte Quarantäneeinrichtungen gebracht, wo sie für 14 Tage bleiben müssen. Ziel ist es, das wachsende Risiko importierter Infektionen mit COVID-19 einzudämmen. Das Quarantäne-Hotel im Viertel.

They will continue their quarantine in Shanghai for the entire 14 days. Inbound travelers whose destination is within Shanghai are still allowed to do a seven-day hotel quarantine plus a seven-day home quarantine within proper conditions. Such conditions include a fixed residence in the city, a nucleic acid test on the fifth day of a hotel quarantine with a negative result and mandatory home. Objective of Scheme. To further prevent the importation of COVID-19 cases and reduce contact between arrivals and the local community, the Government fully implemented the Designated Quarantine Hotel Scheme and the Designated Transportation Scheme on 22 December 2020, requiring all arrivals from specified places to undergo compulsory quarantine at designated quarantine hotels Shanghai. Julia flew from Berlin to Shanghai on March 11, and a fellow passenger on her flight tested positive for the virus. Three days after her arrival, she was called by the Shanghai quarantine committee and put into a 14-day quarantine. In her case, she chose the hotel herself as opposed to being designated to it In der Quarantäne! Von Zwängen und Kontrollen | Vier in Shanghai. In der Quarantäne! Von Zwängen und Kontrollen. 24. März 2020. Da wurde sie also im Keim erstickt, unsere Hoffnung auf zwei Wochen relativ entspannte Quarantäne in den eigenen vier Wänden. Die drei Chinesen vom Nachbarschaftskomittee waren informiert worden, dass in unserem. Shanghai - einmal raus und wieder rein | Quarantäne-Hotel. Am Quarantäne-Hotel angekommen hatte man das Gefühl, die einzigen Überlebenden nach einer Kernschmelze zu sein. Nachdem wir ordentlich mit Chlor abgeduscht wurden begann das übliche Programm. Fiebermessen, Formulare Ausfüllen und wieder Warten. Vieles geht in China für unsere.

Hello from Shanghai — Day 7 in a quarantine hotel. I'm writing this update from a quarantine hotel in Shanghai. This is Day 7 of the 14-day mandatory quarantine period. Halfway there and so far so good. Since China tightened up the rules of entry — dual tests 2 days before the flight — about a month ago, prices of direct flights to China have skyrocketed. The uneasiness was coupled. Shanghai now implements a 14+7 quarantine policy for people from areas where the new coronavirus is more severe. For isolated hotels, there are different price points to choose from, and the areas and services provided are also different. The cheaper hotel is about 200-300RMB per night

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  1. After arriving in Shanghai we were split up to quarantine in 4 different hotels. I was in the group at the Crown Plaza Shanghai Pudong. At this hotel EVEN THOUGH THE GOVERNMENT WAS SAID TO ALLOW IT, we were NOT allowed to order food from outside at all. Not food delivery or ordering anything we might be able to prepare ourselves. Other people in the other hotels had mixed rules. Some could.
  2. China barred most foreigners from entering the country last weekend to stem the tide of imported COVID-19 cases. Correspondent Linette Lim returned to Shangh..
  3. quarantine hotels in Shanghai 04 Strict restrictions in every community. After the personnel who come from key countries enter the compound and start home quarantine health observation, the local public security and health departments will implement more strict management measures with the community to ensure that the home quarantine personnel do not leave the residence
  4. Beijing is quarantining anyone who comes into the city from any country, in a hotel, and sending them the bill. Shanghai, for now, is making people quarantine who have been in 16 high-risk countries and allowing people who have registered apartments in the city to spend the time at home. Those without a registered apartment must go to one of the designated hotels. There's another way to end.
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  6. Whole process took around 5 hours so patience, patience, patience:))) We stay in Shanghai hotel in Jing'an District. There was two hotels to choose from in the Jing'an District. There they will take your temperature for the 50th time:) and ask you to sign in various forms and then you will pay for a quarantine, here you will have a choice to go with the food they provide or you can order.

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