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Der CDT ist Teil der US Triple Crown of Hiking Trails, zu denen der Appalachian Trail (3.515 km) über das Appalachengebirge im Osten und der Pacific Crest Trail (4,270 km) über die Sierra Nevada und das Cascadengebirge an der Westküste der USA zählen. Der CDT gilt als der schwierigste und einsamste dieser drei Wege The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) spans over 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada and is one of the most significant trail systems in the world. It's the highest, most remote, and, in many ways, most challenging of our National Scenic Trails. Thru-hiking the CDT is an adventure of a lifetime, but it's not for the faint of heart The Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) is the 501 (c) (3) national non-profit working in partnership with the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management to complete, promote and protect the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Founded in 2012 by a passionate group of volunteers and recreationists, CDTC is a.

Any recreation (including hiking) on Blackfeet Reservation requires a permit. The CDT crosses reservation lands for a few miles bordering Glacier National Park. Get your permit here. Indian Peaks Wilderness The Indian Peaks Wilderness lies between James Peak and Grand Lake and requires a permit for camping. The CDT tends to skirt the wilderness boundary, only entering the wilderness for a few miles. Avoid camping in the wilderness and you avoid the need for a permit. If you do. Im Basin führt der CDT über viele Stunden geradeaus und das Auge findet keinen Fixpunkt in der Ebene. Die Sonne brennt unbarmherzig, am späten Nachmnittag oder abends entlädt sich die Hitze im Juli regelmäßig in heftigen Gewittern, denen der Hiker in der Ebene hilflos ausgeliefert ist Getting CDT permits was tricky and we had only a short hike to Elizabeth Lake, but it was stunning. CDT: Day 1, Chief Mountain to Cosley Lake, 9 miles (GNP) From the border at Chief Mountain, it was a nine-mile walk off trail and through thunderstorms How Much Does It Cost to Hike the CDT? Most people report spending $5,000-$8,000+ thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail. On average, hiking the CDT requires about $1,000 a month, and the trail takes around five to six months to complete. Is it safe to hike the PCT alone? The point is that we can't take risk away—solo hiking or not. You will be afraid of some things on the trail. You might not sleep much the first few nights you camp alone. However, there are things you can.

The CDT Survey is meant to be a useful resource to (actually) help those of you interested in hiking the Continental Divide Trail figure out how the hell to approach such a monstrous journey. Every year, I try to improve the data collected and fine-tune the presentation to best help hikers. I would love to hear what you think in th Clearly, most hikers had gear before beginning their plans for a CDT thru-hike. Now, a detailed look at the most common pieces of gear in each of the following categories: backpacks , shelters , sleeping bags , sleeping pads , insulated jackets , shells , stoves , water treatments , trekking poles , ice axes , traction systems , bear canisters , shoes , socks , and PLBs

We are hiking the Continental Divide Trail: 3,000 miles through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. CDT Days 119-121 - Fall. The past few days we continued walking though Montana's green mountains, which are starting to turn red. The trees haven't been completely wiped out by the mountain pine beetle yet. The berry bushes are starting to change colors. The smoke even cleared. The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is a United States National Scenic Trail with a length measured by the Continental Divide Trail Coalition of 3,028 miles between the U.S. border with Chihuahua, Mexico and the border with Alberta, Canada. Frequent route changes and a large number of alternate routes result in the actual hiking distance to be between 2,700 miles and 3,150 miles. The CDT follows the Continental Divide of the Americas along the Rocky Mountains and. Email us with your suggestions at communications at continentaldividetrail.org. Each year, hundreds of individuals set out to hike from Mexico to Canada (or Canada to Mexico) along the Continental Divide Trail. Those who succeed find 3,100 miles of stunning scenery, diverse ecosystems, welcoming communities, and self-discovery

Der Continental Divide Trail (abgekürzt CDT, engl. für Hauptwasserscheide-Weg) ist ein rund 5.000 Kilometer langer Fernwanderweg entlang der nordamerikanischen kontinentalen Wasserscheide von der mexikanischen bis zur kanadischen Grenze. Er gehört zu den 1968 gesetzlich begründeten National Scenic Trails der USA und wurde am 10. November 1978 offiziell ausgewiesen I heard from a hiker in Colorado to hike up to The Diving Board. It was on my digital map so I stashed my pack and climbed up East Temple. When I got there it was windy and my sweat of climbing soon chilled me. I found the diving board which is a big flat rock that is leaning over a sheer cliff 2,000 feet straight down to a glacier lake. I crawled onto the edge and peered over. My head became light as my eyes tried to adjust to the depth. It was like looking out an airplane. Als wir aus dem gröbsten raus sind, beschließen wir runter von der Schnellstraße zu gehen und rein in die Berge. Wir befinden uns nicht weit weg von dem CDT, dem Continential Divide Trail. Dieser Wanderweg folgt der Wasserscheide im Gegensatz zur Radvariante der Great Divide, exakt. Also warum nicht einmal ausprobieren, wie weit wir mit den Rädern kommen? Viele Informationen haben wir nicht über die Strecke, aber die Seen in einigen Kilometern Entfernung sehen schön. The CDT is a special hike for us, in that it is the last of the Triple Crown trails to complete for both of us and Mtn Man. It is a hike that we knew we'd always do, and finally, the time has come. We recently learned this fun factoid: as of this writing, less people have completed all 3 Triple Crown Trails than have been in outer space! The five of us on a chilly morning on the Mogollon Rim. These three days had us hiking a trail shaped like a large backwards C in the mountains that surround Butte, MT. The mountains are gentle and littered with unique granite rock formations. Day 116 - Mile 2504.4 - Cows, Rocks, and I-15 This morning was much warmer than expected. Nice! We broke camp and had Continue reading CDT Days 116-118 - Granite Rocks and Gentle Mountains → Renee.

00:00 Opening Title01:27 Mile One15:07 Gila National Forest18:39 Lost29:14 Frozen Filters33:46 Pie Town, NM36:30 Mountain Lion40:04 Wisdom Tooth41:37 Back on.. CDT 2021 Thru-Hike: UPDATE! - YouTube

Thru-hiker Special. The Continental Divide Trail Thru-Hiker Special includes all 5 sections of the 3,050-mile/4,900-km CDT and 21 alternate routes through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. The Thru-Hiker Special provides a 20% savings over purchasing the 5 sections separately. $39.99. CDT New Mexico CDT Thru Hike Resupply Strategy: Using A Bounce Box. A bounce box is a box that you send from one town to the next along the trail. Since I filmed my thru hike, I needed a way to dump media and clear my memory cards. In this box I had a portable hard drive, small tablet/laptop, and a bunch of other things that are useful for the long distance hiker gear repair items, extra sunscreen. It began to feel like hiking on the CDT in Colorado. As we dropped in altitude, the temperature went up. Near 11:30, we crossed the Truckee River and walked into Tahoe City. Our first stop was at the grocery store to pick up something to eat. Our hotel room is not ready until 2:00, so we headed down to a beach on the edge of Lake Tahoe. The kids and Mama Raven walked way out into the water. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an cdt thru hike an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden

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CDT Section Hike - New Mexico - Itinerary. Hike Specific Details: Average daily mileage - 8-miles. Average temperature for Cuba/Skull Bridge area - low of 38-degrees to high of 71-degrees. Campsites will be chosen daily, water sources unreliable, weather conditions unknown - this backpacking hike will focus on the fundamentals of a long hike and the decision making processes based on. 2020 SOBO CDT Hike The Last Step. At about 11:30 on Sunday, November 8th, I reached the southern terminus of the Continental Divide Trail at the Crazy Cook monument. Made it! The last eighty miles of hiking from Lordsburg to the border, while mildly sentimental, were the least enjoyable of this entire hike. I had heard that hikers going Northbound (starting at the Mexico border and heading.

Just Awesome Hikes the CDT — 40 Comments Elizabeth Lambeck on March 22, 2021 at 7:58 am said: Read your story in J and C. Good luck to you! Reply ↓ Sheila Rosenthal on March 22, 2021 at 8:55 am said: Keep on hiking and thanks for bringing much needed attention to mental health in our country. Reply ↓ Joseph Vanable on March 22, 2021 at 3:48 pm said: Excelsior! Reply ↓ Cary Troy on. Average Pace per Hiking Day: 19.1 Miles Days Hiking:79 Total Trip Days:87 ** Current Alternate Routes Above Combining TBD Data Input Cells m Mail Resupply NM - Gila River, Pie Town, Cebolla, Mt. Taylor & Ghost Ranch Locations / Resupply Stops ** CDT Alternate Route b Resupply In Town. Starting Here on May 12, 2021. Ending Here on +/- Aug. 6, 2021. Title: 1-2-3 - Davids CDT 2021 NOBO N Author. Protect yourself from sun and rain on the trail with these 7 lightweight and durable hiking umbrellas. Learn about size, UV protection, materials, colors and types. Reviews for Montbell, EuroSCHIRM, Six Moon Designs, Helinox, S2S, Liteflex hiking Chrome umbrella. Also learn how to DIY a hands-free hiking umbrella About The CDT: The Continental Divide Trail runs from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide. It is the youngest, most remote, and rugged of the Triple Crown Trails (PCT, CDT, AT). The terrain varies from trail, to roads, to cross-country hiking. I went into this hike quite intimidated by what lied ahead and learned over the next 4.5. Prioritize hiking Gomez Peak and Eighty Mountain (an out-and-back trail leaving from the 'Mountain Loop) before venturing further into the 'High Gila.' If you're hoping to hike the CDT, drive past the main parking area and the Picnic Ground and continue up Little Walnut Road. After a mile or so you'll come to the CDT trailhead, where.

CDT towns & resupply advice. On March 10, 2017. March 10, 2017. By Sass hikes. Continental Divide Trail Town Guide Advice. Here is a list of the towns along the way and how I would plan my thru hike if I was to do it again. Every town that has no information means there is a supermarket, restaurant, and places to stay How do I prepare for CDT? 5 Ways I'm Preparing for the CDT 1 - Research and Reading. I love doing research about topics that interest me, I always have. 2 - I'm Thinking about Food! 3 - Im taking note of the Physical State of my Body. 4 - I'm Trying to Prepare Mentally. 5 - Thinking about Gear. 9 Books about Thru-Hiking and the Outdoors to Read During Quarantine Check out our cdt hiker selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

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As the CDT isn't complete no one hikes the same route as someone else. It's more a choose your own adventure hike. Navigation wasn't a problem, though many resources will tell you that it's really hard and you have to look at a map every 10 minutes. With apps like Guthook, I almost completely stopped looking at my maps. I did carry both the Bear Creek Survey and Ley Maps. In a. The Triple Crown of Hiking informally refers to the three major U.S. long-distance hiking trails: . Appalachian Trail - 2,193 miles (3,529 km), between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine and traversing North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire 10 votes, 30 comments. Hi Everyone, I am seriously considering to attempt a thru hike of the CDT next year. This would be my first thru hike, but I I've compiled a pretty sweet spreadsheet of CDT hike statistics including average mileage, total elevation change, highest weekly mileage, number of zeros/neros, longest time between showers and laundry, number of nights under a roof, and more! I think there is some seriously cool stuff here, but maybe it's just me. There are even a few charts to pretty it up a bit. Woooo hoooo. Eric's CDT Thru-hike. 528 likes. Hiking the Continental Divide from Mexico -----> Canad

#hike #cdt #walking #pct #at . 967.1K. 1w ago . We've completed 70% of the #continentaldividetrail ! #yellowstone #grizzlybear #hiketok #freedom #NeverStopExploring . 4.2M. 8-21. Answer to @haramidoggy By following a few precautions #wildlife like #grizzly #bears are #safe to share the #landscape with! #wyoming #keepbearswild . 1.6M. 8-17. Lately on the #cdt we've been aiming for a #snack. Enjoy your hike on the Divide! As my buddy d-low says, Embrace the Brutality! Choose just the Yogi book, or add Trauma's books: $39.95 - Yogi's CDT Handbook. $50.95 - Together save $1.95: Yogi's CDT Handbook + Ultralight Survival Kit. $66.95 - Together save $5.90: Yogi's CDT Handbook + Ultralight Survival Kit. + Trail Tested CDT Thru Hike: Glacier National Park. Posted by Annie July 22, 2021 July 22, 2021 Posted in CDT Thru Hike, Hiking and Backpacking, National Parks and Monuments, Outdoor Adventures, Uncategorized Tags: CDT Thru Hike, continental divide trail, National Parks, thru hike. Hello everyone! It's been almost a month since we hit the trail, and what a month it's been! On June 25th we finally set.

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A weekly Thru Hiking podcast, where we dive in deep, interviewing experienced thru hikers about their stories, thru hiking gear recommendations, trail strategy and trail wisdoms. Having covered hiking trails across the globe including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, J Doing this hike will make more people aware of the CDT, aware of its unfinished state, and aware that they should donate! To raise money for the CDTA. Getting others to donate is one thing, but I will put my own money in for every book I sell. I've already donated more than $3,500 to the CDTA, which oversees the CDT. The more books I sell, the more I donate. Half of my royalty goes to the CDTA. Jun 15, 2017 - Explore Kasey Decker's board Cdt hike on Pinterest. See more ideas about hiking, thru hiking, outdoors adventure Der ULA CDT ist der leichteste und einfachste Rucksack in der ULA Familie. Mit dem Volumen von circa 50 l eignet er sich für kurze Ausflüge aller Art. Das ist der einzige ULAs Rucksack ohne Gestell, der sich beim Leichtwandern am besten beweist. Der maximale Tragekomfort dieses Rucksacks beträgt unter 10 kg, und das g No description for CDT - Triple Divide trail has been added yet! Submit one here. CDT - Triple Divide is a 11 mile black diamond singletrack alpine trail located near Whitefish Montana. This hike primary trail can be used both directions and has a hard overall physical rating

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Lander to Dubois - CDT Thru Hike 2018 Continental Divide Trail - Lander to Dubois Hike Overview. The first 30 or so miles are a lead up from the lowlands of the great divide basin desert into the high country of the Wind River Range. The next 120 miles were the most challenging, beautiful and amazing outdoor experience of my life. I had more adventure in these 10 days then the rest of the. Earlier this month a storm dumped over a foot of snow on that part of the CDT, so it looked like my Flesher to Rogers hike might have to wait until next summer. However, nine consecutive days of warm sunny weather took care of the early season snow. So, this past Wednesday (10/24/18) my daughter (Amy) and I made the 37-mile drive to Flesher Pass, and then hiked the CDT for 13.5 miles to Rogers. Pat's CDT hike for Kathleen. 161 likes. On April 15, 2015 I will begin my 3100 mile hike on the Continental Divide Trail in memory of my mother Kathleen, who was a victim of PS Oct 10, 2020 - - Check out my Full Gear List -- CDT Section Hike Gear List - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft4dh0F-lbo&t=25s -All Gear Lists-https.

The CDT is a very popular multi-day hike for outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers, but a day hike can be just as rewarding. The Lobo Pass Trail Spur into the CDT is a perfect option to access this famous hiking trail. Elevation Start: 11,700ft. Elevation at Peak: Depends on Length. Trail: One Way or Out-and-Back Cdt Hike is available for you to search on this website. This place have 12 paper sample about Cdt Hike including paper sample, paper example, coloring page pictures, coloring page sample, Resume models, Resume example, Resume pictures, and more. In this article, we also have variety of visible paper example about Cdt Hike with a lot of variations for your idea. Not only Cdt Hike, you could. No description for CDT - Bertha Lake Trail trail has been added yet! Submit one here . CDT - Bertha Lake Trail is a 1 km blue singletrack trail located near Waterton Alberta. This hike primary trail can be used both directions. More Stats for CDT - Bertha Lake Trail hike trail trail. Altitude change. 251 ft Hiking into camp where we had been stranded for three days in the snowstorm. This completes my goal of section-hiking over 1000 miles in 69 days from South Pass City WY to Cuba NM where I had gotten off trail in 2016. What remains is to hike from South Pass City WY to Glacier National Park and the Canadian border. (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt) I am happy. I am done. (Photograph Courtesy of.

CDT hike is on Facebook. To connect with CDT hike, join Facebook today. Join. or. Log In. Events. MAY 14. CDT hike. Public · Event · by Isaac & His Hooman. Interested Invite Share. Summary. Friday, May 14, 2021 at 3:40 AM UNK. about 1 month ago. Continental Divide. Interstate 90, Butte, MT 59759. About : Details. On May 14, 2021 my Hooman and I are headed north from the US/Mexico border to. Thruhiking oder Thruhike (auch Thru-hiking oder Thru-hike; deutsch Durchwanderung) bedeutet, einen Weit- oder Fernwanderweg zusammenhängend vom Anfang bis zum Ende zu bewandern. Ebenso wird ein Wanderer, der sich auf einem Thruhike befindet oder ihn erfolgreich absolviert hat, als Thruhiker bezeichnet. Details. In den USA wird der Begriff am häufigsten mit dem Appalachian Trail (AT), dem.

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Pat's CDT hike for Kathleen. 162 likes. On April 15, 2015 I will begin my 3100 mile hike on the Continental Divide Trail in memory of my mother Kathleen, who was a victim of PS Why I Hike; My CDT Gear; Classic River Adventures; Contact Me ← Tucson / CDT Bound! The New Mexico Heat / Oven. Posted on June 2, 2021 by dnlangford. If you haven't already heard, the New Mexico desert heat was just a bit more than I wanted to tolerate, so I got out of the oven for now. My plan will be to start again next year, earlier in the season, when the temperatures are a bit cooler. Mar 06, 2020 · The CDT is a special hike for us, in that it is the last of the Triple Crown trails to complete for both of us and Mtn Man. It is a hike that we knew we'd always do, and finally, the time has come. We recently learned this fun factoid: as of this writing, less people have completed all 3 Triple Crown Trails than have been in outer space From the CT/CDT crossing at Stony Pass, we opted to hike west/south, meaning when arriving from Silverton, hang a right onto the trail. This is Section 24 of the Colorado Trail. Dropping down from the road, we crossed a short snowfield and then viewed some mine remains. The trail is moderate over the next several miles, climbing and descending slowly. From the start at Stony Pass, the. CDT Thru-Hike Week 6. Big Mountains smaller miles - Flipboard. CDT Thru-Hike Week 6. Big Mountains smaller miles. San Isabel National Forest I skipped the town of Salida and headed through the ski resort into the challanging elevation. The scree rocks rubbed the . Road Trips

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CDT Thru-Hike Week 10. The Winds. CDT Thru-Hike Week 10. The Winds. The Wind River Range, Wyoming.The South Winds greeted me with many blow downs. It wasn't like just climbing over a few trees. It was hours of slow . Utah: Playground for the Adventurous The hike into Cuba NM was tough. If hiking the CDT again, I would definitely wear pants or high gators in New Mexico Saturday's hike was an 8 mile loop with 3,000 feet of vertical gain to climb three thirteeners along a ridge line: Kuss Peak 13,548, Mosquito Peak 13,781, and Treasurevault Peak 13,701. We walked up the very bad Mosquito Pass 4x4 Road, glad we didn't beat up the Xterra driving it! The area has a lot of mining history. The North London Mine was a very profitable gold, silver and lead operation. One of the world's best thru-hikes passes right through Steamboat Springs' backyard: The Continental Divide Trail (CDT). The CDT is one of the world's premier long-distance trails, stretching 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide. It provides recreational opportunities for thousands of visitors each year. Steamboat Springs, Colorado is proud to be a Continental. The CDT was originally called the Blue Can Trail, named for the founders who first imagined a trail along the Divide in Colorado, marking their path with blue tuna cans. In 2018, 300 individuals attempted to hike the trail end-to-end. To complete the trail in six months, hikers must average 17 miles per day. The CDT is now 95 percent complete

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Hiking along the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) in Colorado back in '98 one day when I came across one of the most picturesque campsites. I was prepared to do some more miles yet that day as I had winter in the back of my mind and although i was not running for the border as some of my friends like to call the pull to keep moving. You see, when on a long distance trail that runs from. I did the CDT in three chunks. I started out in 2010 to thru hike the whole trail, but wound up needing to get off near Steamboat Springs. I came down with a case of giardiasis and was running out of time to beat the snow and shuttle/port of entry closures up at the Canadian Border

Die Grundlagen der Planung einer CDT Thru-Hike. von admin | Veröffentlicht in: Articles | 0 . Wenn Sie bereits die AT und/oder PCT gewandert sind, werden Sie feststellen, dass genaue, aktualisierte Informationen im Vergleich schlank sind. und ein Großteil des Abenteuers liegt in der es selbst herausfinden.Ich habe diesen Teil meiner Erfahrung auf der Spaltung geliebt und das wünsche. Complete CDT Thru Hike Gear Review. Oct 20, 2013 | 0 comments. Here is my gear review for the gear I used on the CDT this past summer. Much of my primary gear was upgraded just before the CDT and I'm really happy with my changes. For a complete list of my gear with prices and weights, you can go to my gear tab. I've attached links to some of the primary gear so you can easily click and. Our Big Agnes hike report for the 15.1 mile Colorado section of the CDT from Dumont Lake to Summit Lake Campground. Heavy use by hikers, runners + bikers When I thru-hiked the PCT in 2015 and CDT in 2016, I opted to continue hiking through the snow-covered mountains. I ended up being one of the first thru-hikers to make it through the snow during both hikes. As someone who has experienced both trails in the snow, I want to share some tips regarding thru-hiking both the Sierras and San Juans in. When my friend Rick and I did this hike the day after Thanksgiving in 2015, it was a calm, sunny day, and the valleys were in the midst of a foggy temperature inversion - which was really neat to see from our vantage point on the CDT. But what really set this day apart was our view of an incredible mirage that appeared beyond the Helena Valley over the Big Belt Mountains. WOW, what a.

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Years ago, on my first CDT hike, in 04, when I went around Butte on roads, There were so many turns and intersections I carried Jim Wolf's guide book out in front of me like I was reading a prayer book as I walked. Now this section is nice trail. The Two main trails of the CDT are what I call The Jerry Brown Technician trail and the Jonathan Ley Artist trail. Here are the Differences: Jerry. Like the CDT, I didn't make a plan to hike sections of the PNT. Sometimes I found myself on the trail and only realized by looking at the map. It's rare to find a trail marker. Washington: 2016 - While hiking a loop in northern Washington, I called Jack Mountain Circumnavigation aka Devil's Dome Loop, I found myself sharing trail with the PNT. I knew a terminus for the PNT was along. CDT thru-hike tent choices. Posted on November 2, 2012 by wanderingdot. SO. I will share a tent. Should we squeeze in the Stratosphire1? I have a Squall2 but I hate the dog door entry, esp. with two people. Nope, I can't do it on a long hike. I need two side entry doors for many reasons: pee in the night, rifle thru my pack on MY side of the tent. The Stratosphire is freakin tiny. Halfway Anywhere's CDT Thru Hiker Survey - We used this to inform a lot of alternate choices and where we wanted to send resupply boxes. Wired's Advice to Future CDT Hikers - Hm, sounds familiar. Wired has a great blog and tons of good information. We read a decent bit of her trail journals too. Watching. Jawnzee's 2015 CDT Thruhike - I really doubt anybody reading this hasn't watched. Thanks to a northbound CDT hiker who called the authorities, Steve's body was recovered yesterday at the remote Lagunitas Campground in Carson National Forest. Here is a news report with the basics. An investigation is underway, so we will provide details as we get them. We have been told that there is no evidence of foul play and that Steve was at the campground for quite a while before he.

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  1. Thru hiking the Continental Divide Trail, 2013. CDT 2013 Thru hiking the Continental Divide Trail, 2013. Menu. Skip to content. ABOUT ME; GEAR LIST; The Trail Unites Us ; Pacific Crest Trail 2011; Tahoe Rim Trail 2012; West Coast Trail 2012; More Photos Archives: Archives: I Heart the Gila. Raindrops. Falling on my head. And Wired's voice, calling out from within the dry confines of her.
  2. 17 miles per day to thru-hike in 6 months Highest point along the CDT is 14,270 feet at Grays Peak in Colorado 730 miles in need of relocation off roads. What is a Gateway Community? Gateway Communities are towns that recognize the unique economic and cultural value that the CDT brings. They make services available to hikers, educate local residents, and advocate for continued access to public.
  3. Nasty double track that takes you to the top of Glacier Peak. This is officially part of the Continental Divide Trail. From here the CDT is basically a rocky traverse with no clear path where it kind of connects to the Montezuma-Deer Creek double track

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The CDT is our lightest, most basic backpack. With just over 50 liters of available space, the CDT is the largest of three frameless packs we make and is suitable for thru-hikes, day hikes, travel, and any distance back-country forays. The CDT pack continues the tradition of being a reliable, lightweight, and durable backcountry companion. Edit: Bobcat requested I run the numbers for the CDT as well, so I've added them as of 1/6/2015. The Overall gain/loss is calculated only with the CDT Proper, while the steepest climbs include the various alternate routes as mapped by Bear Creek Survey. Overall elevation gain/loss on Appalachian Trail: 917,760′ over 2185.3 mi (avg: 420'/mi

  1. The CDT, alongside the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail make up the triple crown of hiking. The CDT is by far the most rugged of the three, being only 70% fully completed with many portions of road walking and off-trail travel. The trail is most commonly hiked from South to North starting at the Mexican border
  2. CDT Thru-hike week 8. Fires. - Flipboard. CDT Thru-hike week 8. Fires. Rocky Mountain National ParkThe blackened trees from the latest fire was not how I imagined RMNP to be. The quiet forest was slowly regenerating with . Costa Rican Blue
  3. Stella Joslin. Finding beauty in the mountains and at home, sharing it here and on YouTube ⛰ . CDT LASH 2021, PCT 2018, CCC Backcountry Trails 2013 youtu.be/y-tHmL_NGjY. Posts. Reels. Tagged
  4. 2020 SOBO CDT Hike Cold mornings, warm water. Posted by nicolettejones13 November 2, 2020 November 2, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized. After waiting out the worst of the cold snap and snow storm, with my family in Corrales, my dad drove me back out to the trail. Mom and dad and Kahless (dog) and I before I got off trail preceding the snow storm . I still saw a little bit of snow on the ground.
  5. Unique Cdt Thru Hike stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available

Bonus: CDT section hike. Continental Divide National Scenic Trail—Rocky Mountain National Park section (30 miles, 3,500 ft, difficult): I recently hiked the Rocky Mountain National Park section of the CDT. I don't think thru-hiking the PCT/AT/CDT is necessarily my style (the maddest of props to those who do it), but the idea of combining RMNP hiking with CDT hiking gets me all tingly. CDT Hike Light Crew. Fantastic sock. Have had mine for many years, and they are still as comfortable and new looking as they were on day 1! A. Al F. Great socks! Love these socks, I wear them everyday. A. Anish. Socks that won't quit! Put ove 1,000 miles of the CDT on these on my recent CDT hike! They had thin spots and a couple small holes, but STILL functional. Amazing quality, superior. Anaconda popular with CDT through-hikers. Rodney Freight Train Edmondson, 27, pauses Saturday on Dry Cottonwood Road as he follows the Anaconda Cutoff to the Continental Divide Trail and heads. Hike with Mike PCT. Gefällt 213 Mal. Mike is at it again. This time joined by his father Monty, and life long friend Zach. The trio will hike 2665 miles..

The Future of the Continental Divide Trail: Part I - The TrekThe history of hiking The Continental Divide Trail — HighHow to Prepare for a Thru-Hike from the Comfort of YourWhat I’ve Learned so Far on My PCT Thru-Hike - The TrekI'm Never Thru-hiking Again | Halfway Anywhere